FOLKTOBERFEST 10/25-27/2002

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1LademanKarabetsos 1LeeJoyce 1LuFormosa 1MomandDad
Beverly Lademan and Jennifer K Joyce (Torry?) and Lee Strobridge, with Richard (MouseMinder) Bemis in the background Rosemarie Howard, with Lu Formosa in midground Nancy BR's Mom and Dad
1MomDeb 1morehats 1NancyDebPam 1Omiya
Lorraine and Deb Buerkel Where could you find hats like these except on Gladys Leach, Lu Formosa, and Dorothy Sawyer (Shelby Sawyer defies convention) Nancy BR, Deb Buerkel, and Pam Gray enjoying a moment of peace at Folktoberfest Cindy Omiya
1RochellePokorn 1ShelbyDorJim 1ValerieNorris 1Youngelson
Rochelle Pokorn of FairyTales, Inc., aided by Alexandra Pokorn What? More hats? Shelby and Dorothy Sawyer and Jim Hrit Valerie Norris Nancy BR and Ellen Youngelson
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