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P-01 Miss Piggy School Marm P-02 Piggy Baker P-02a Piggy Baker
P-03 Jolly Tar Piggy P-04 Picnic Piggies P-05 Girl Picnic Pig
P-06 Boy Picnic Pig P-07 Piggy Ballerina P-08 Piggy Policeman
P-09 Pig O' My Heart P-10 Nurse Piggy P-11 Holly Hog
P-11s Holly Hog PM-1 Chums Hangin' Out PM-2 Waterbugs
PM-2a Tippy Canoe & Sammy Too PM-3 Lilypaddle PM-4 Just Ducky
PM-5 Raindrops PM-6 Forget-Me-Knot PS-1 Piggy Jogger
R-1 Seedy Rat R-2 'Doc' Rat RC-1 Mother Raccoon
RC-2 Hiker Raccoon RC-3 Bird Watcher Raccoon RC-3s Bird Watcher Raccoon
RCS-1 Raccoon Skater RCS-2 Raccoon Skier RH-1 Robin Hood
RH-2 Maid Marion RH-3 Friar Tuck S-01 Isaac Baker
S-02 Barney McGee S-03 Elijah Rathbone S-04 Timothy Mayhew
S-05 John Jack S-06 Edward Haskell S-07 John Tinkham
S-08 William Abbe S-09 Asa Page S-10 Thatcher Packard
S-11 Joking Michael S-12 Ishmael White S-13 (Whale Boat) Justus Sampson - First mate
S-14 Willie Cook SA-1 Lullaby Angel SA-2 Sing-along Angel
SA-3 Loving Angel SA-4 Dearest Angel SA-5 Schoolhouse Angel
SQ-1 Nutsy Squirrel T-01 Little Teddy T-02 Sailor Teddy
T-03 Boo Bear T-04 Drummer Bear T-05 Santa Bear
T-06 Ride 'em Teddy! T-07 Seaside Teddy T-08 Huggy Bear
T-09 Wedding Bears T-10 Christmas Teddy T-11 Hansel & Gretel Bears at the Witch's House
T-12 Momma Bear TM-01 Bon Appétit! TM-01ya Gordon Roux
TM-01yb Gordon Blue TM-01yc Gordon Jaune TM-02 Li'l Jar of Jam
TM-02ya Blanche TM-02yb Blanche TM-03 Li'l Jack O'Lantern
TM-04 Wee Santa's Gingerbread House TM-05 Wee Bunny's Basket TM-05a Bunny's Hilltop Hollow
TM-06 The Littlest Pine Cone Tree TM-06a A Gift for Mr. & Mrs. Tweet TM-07 Wee Witchy's Haunt
TM-08 Wee Wedding Pair TM-1 King 'Tut' Mouse TM-2 Queen 'Tut' Mouse
TS-1 Turtle Jogger TS-1s Turtle Jogger TT-1 Tiny Teddy
WFFDP Wee Forest Folk Display Plaque WW-1 Mole WW-2 Badger
WW-3 Toad WW-4 Ratty WWO-1 Dorothy & Toto
WWO-2 Witch & Winged Monkey WWO-3 Scarecrow WWO-4 Tin Woodsman
WWO-5 Cowardly Lion WWO-6 Munchkins WWO-7 Glinda