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B-21 Baby Bunny's First Christmas H-2 Baby Hippo H-3s Baby Hippo
M-019 Baby Sitter (Early) M-066 Baby Sitter (Later) M-373b Baby Witch's First Broom
M-568 Baby's Onesie M-069b Baby's Secret Garden WW-2 Badger
M-469 Balloon Beanie M-469a Balloon Best Friend! NM-4 Barn Door Backdrop
S-02 Barney McGee FX-03 Barrister Fox M-057 Barrister Mouse
M-632 Barrow of Fun! M-154 Bat Mouse M-584 Bat on the Fly
B-09 Batter Bunny MS-15cc Batter Up! M-080a Be Mine
M-577 Beach Babe A-41 Beach Ball M-576 Beach Bliss
M-577x Beach Buddy M-076 Beach Mousey M-297a Beach Party
BB-06a Bear's Surprize Friend No #b Beauty & The Beast BV-01 Beaver Wood Cutter
M-510xa Bed Buddies M-432 Beddy-Bye Bunny M-069 Beddy-Bye Mousey
M-414 Bee Fancy M-414a Bee Mine M-252 Bee-Dazzled
No #b Beetle M-591 Begging for Treats M-467z Ben's Gals
MS-17 Benched! M-383 Best Birthday Ever! M-280 Best in Show
M-241ya Betty Cooker M-241yb Betty Cooker M-389 Big Egg, Little Basket
BR-04 Big Lady Bear M-018 Big Mama Mouse (1977) M-435x Big Slick's Tricks
RC-3 Bird Watcher Raccoon RC-3s Bird Watcher Raccoon A-09 Birdbath
A-10 Birdhouse MS-29 Birdie M-461brd Birds Watching
M-099 Birthday Girl CS-03 Bishop M-412v Blake
TM-02ya Blanche TM-02yb Blanche M-525y Bloom'in Good Time
M-184ac Blooming Friendship M-469z Bloons the Clown BR-01 Blueberry Bears
M-302z Blueberry Pie Eaters CC-02 Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim M-443a Bobbing for Apples Tryouts
MS-01 Bobsled Three TM-01 Bon Appétit! T-03 Boo Bear
M-374 Boo Boo Lamb M-589by Boo! M-331a-BOS BOSTON STRONG
M-314d Bouncy Ball B-18 Bountiful Bunny M-302y Bowl of Berries
BR-03 Boy Blueberry Bear P-06 Boy Picnic Pig M-081 Boy Sweetheart
M-481 Breezing Along! M-416a Bride & Groom Frankenmousters M-009 Bride Mouse
M-440 Bride of Frankenmouster M-020 Bridge Club Mouse M-021 Bridge Club Mouse Partner
B-06 Broom Bunny M-205 Broom Service M-623 Broom to the Moon!
M-623a Broom to the Moon! (Ornament) M-421 Brother Caroler M-253 Brrr!
M-266 Brushing Up M-554 Bûche de Noël M-366s Bundle of Joy
A-18 Bundle of Toys B-26 Bundle Up Bunny No #b Bunnies on Stone
B-22 Bunny Barrage! M-251 Bunny in a Basket M-358 Bunny Lovie
MS-28 Bunny Slope Buddies TM-05a Bunny's Hilltop Hollow A-17 Bunny's Wee Chair
M-531 Bushy Tail's Trail M-430 Bustling with Baby B-14 Busy Bunny
M-624 Butterfly Love M-453e Caboose M-109 Campfire Mouse
MS-16 Camping Out MU-05 Can-Can Mouse á la Toulouse Lautrec MO-06 Candlelight Search
M-544 Candy Cane...Chris M-185b Candy Corn Catastrophe! M-398 Candy Corn Trail
M-258 Carmen M-467 Carnival Keepsake M-049 Carpenter Mouse
BKG-01 Castle CS-05 Castle M-618 Cat & Mouse Game