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M-301a Face Painting at the Fair M-397z Fall Farewell M-493 Fall Fling
M-302 Family Gathering M-302x Family Gathering (jug only) M-127 Family Portrait
M-410zTreeF Family Tree (Fall) M-410zTreeSP Family Tree (Spring) M-410zTreeS Family Tree (Summer)
M-410zTreeW Family Tree (Winter) M-010 Fan Mouse M-439 Fancy Footwear
M-292s Fancy That! M-283 Farm Boy M-005 Farmer Mouse
M-164 Father Chris-Mouse BB-05 Father's Night BB-05z Father's Night (small bear only)
M-429 Feathered Friends M-591a Feed the Dog! M-452zB Feeding Friendsy (Boy)
M-452zG Feeding Friendsy (Girl) A-20a Fence with Kitty A-20c Fence with Mousey
M-506a Fetch! M-506b Fetch! M-133 Field Mouse
M-133a Field Mouse M-353y Final Approach M-481z Finding Treasures
B-24 Finishing Touches MP-04 Firemouse M-093 First Christmas
M-134 First Date M-112 First Day of School M-177v First Day of School
M-327 First Flight M-137 First Haircut M-192 First Kiss!
M-321d First Prize Pie M-330d First Spring Outing M-041 Fisher Mouse
MS-14 Fishin' Chip A-04 Flag Alone M-328 Flapper Franny
M-277swFTD Flavor of the Day! M-415z Flight School M-311y Flip
F-07 Flirty Frog M-424x Floating on Air M-053 Flower Girl
C-06 Flower Girl (C-series) A-05 Flower Pot M-461 Flutterby
MS-25z Folk Racers M-373 For a Good Mouse Only M-425x For the Birds
PM-6 Forget-Me-Knot M-159 Forty Winks M-608 Found One!
M-416 Frankenmouster F-08 Freddie Frog MS-31 Free Throw
M-314a Free Wheelin' M-349b Freedom Fort No #f French Doll
M-372z French Pierrot RH-3 Friar Tuck NC-3 Fritz
F-03 Frog Friends F-02 Frog on a Rock M-138 Fun Float
M-442c Fun Floatie - Fish M-442a Fun Floatie - Flamingo M-442b Fun Floatie - Unicorn
M-436 Funny Face M-611 Game Night! M-395 Garden Get-a-way
M-391 Garden Gnome M-460 Garden Party M-394 Garden Spa
M-037 Gardener Mouse M-505a Get Inline! M-505b Get Inline!
M-096 Get Well Soon! CC-04 Ghost of Christmas Past CC-05 Ghost of Christmas Present
CC-06 Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come M-312 Giddyup! M-312b Giddyup!
A-35 Gift with Reindeer A-34 Gift with Snowman M-599 Gifting Goodies
No #g Gifts to Employees/ Painters M-499 Gingerbread Girl BR-02 Girl Blueberry Bear
P-05 Girl Picnic Pig M-080 Girl Sweetheart M-080/80a Girl Sweetheart/Be Mine
M-487z Glad Tidings WWO-7 Glinda M-393 Gnome Statue
MS-21 Go Long! MME-G Gold Earrings M-431a Goldenlocks
MS-07 Golfer Mouse (Early) MS-10 Golfer Mouse (Later) M-004 Good Knight Mouse
M-581a Good Luck Chat BB-04 Good Pickin's BB-08 Good Tidings!
TM-01yb Gordon Blue TM-01yc Gordon Jaune TM-01ya Gordon Roux
M-538 Gouda Boy O-5 Grad Owl M-058 Graduate Mouse
O-6 Graduate Owl M-176 Grammy-Phone F-05 Grampa Frog