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M-537 S'more Please! M-347z Sack Racers T-02 Sailor Teddy
M-349 Sandy's Castle T-05 Santa Bear M-449 Santa Lucia
M-448 Santa Lucia's Little Sister M-043 Santa Mouse M-404 Santa's Christmas Tweets
M-404a Santa's Christmas Tweets Special M-550 Santa's Elf Mouse M-602 Santa's Little Deer
M-116 Santa's Trainee M-392z Santa's Workshop OM-2 Sarah Ripley
CM-2s Sarah's Stars & Stripes M-072 Say 'Cheese' M-239 Scamper
M-240 Scamper Raising Cane WWO-3 Scarecrow M-325 Scared Crow
M-589 Scaredy Monster M-225 Scarey Stories M-056 School Marm Mouse
M-353av School Supplies SA-5 Schoolhouse Angel M-152 Scooter Mouse
M-296 Scootin' with the Loot M-296s Scootin' with the Loot AH-03 Scrabble & Son
AH-09 Scrabble at Louisa's Fireplace AH-01 Scrabble I AH-02 Scrabble II
AH-02a Scrabble II with base AH-06 Scrabble's Christmas Surprise No #s Screech Owl
CC-01 Scrooge M-179 Sea Sounds M-605 Sealed with a Kiss!
T-07 Seaside Teddy M-022 Secretary, Miss Pell M-017a Seedy Mouse
R-1 Seedy Rat M-213 Settin' a Spell M-513a Shannon's Shamrock Friends
M-512 Sharing a Story M-561 Sharing Makes it Sweeter! M-553b Sharing Sisters
M-622 Shark in the Dark! M-017 Shawl Mouse M-559 She luvs u!
M-235 Shelley M-122a Shepherd Kneeling M-122b Shepherd Standing
CO-05 Shoe Inn M-340v Show & Tell M-173 Silent Night
M-478 Silly Easter Bonnet MME-S Silver Earrings SA-2 Sing-along Angel
MMO-1a Singer F-06 Singing Frog NM-1 Single Nibble Mouse
B-03 Sir Rabbit M-419 Sister Caroler M-339 Sister's Ghostly Trick
MS-02 Skater Mouse MS-08 Skater Mouse MS-06 Skating Star Mouse
M-157 Skeleton Mousey MS-09 Skier Mouse (Early) MS-09 Skier Mouse (Later)
M-485 Skitterish FB-03 Skunk M-418a Slippery Slope
A-13 Small Gift with Tree M-368a Snail Watch M-188 Snow Buddies
M-351x Snow Bunnies M-337b Snowbound Boy M-337a Snowbound Girl
A-25 Snowboy A-24 Snowgirl A-23 Snowmom
M-084 Snowmouse & Friend M-543 Snowmouse...Sandy M-498 Snuggled in for Christmas
M-635 Soda Sippers M-448a Some Bunny to Love M-386 Somebody Loves Me
M-215 Something's Brewing M-536 Souper Man M-314 Sparkey
M-314b Sparkey & Son M-528 Sparkle Sisters BKG-05 Speak Easy
M-376 Special Arrival M-557a Special Christmas Surprise M-305 Special Delivery
M-557c Special Easter Surprise! M-557b Special Valentine's Surprise! A-39 Speedy Chick
A-06 Spooked Pumpkins M-302d Spooky Smorgasbord M-314c Spooky Speeder
M-219 Spotted Sea Horse M-309zClub Spreading Magic A-37 Spring Bunny & Robin
M-482zP Spring Butterfly Arch (Pastel) M-454x Spring Drive M-111 Spring Gardener
CO-08z Spring Lor-raine NM-1b Spring Nibble Mouse F-04 Spring Peepers
M-347s Spring Peepers M-435z Sprinkle of Joy M-397 Spruce Up
M-342 Squire of Micester M-342a Squire's Little Friend MU-06 Squirrel Peasant á la Gauguin